Products: Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

 In all of our operations, Yuansheng Mesh most important mission is to pursue the highest possible standards to maximize our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental performance. In order to achieve this goal, the effective implementations of our policies on these issues are the top priority for all employees. By maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation and by conducting all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees, our neighbors, and the environment, we can optimize the value created for our customers.Our objectives are straightforward:

• Assure the quality and technical integrity of our products and services so that they are fit for

 purpose and that their functional specifications match the customer’s application in all instances.

• Conduct our operations with zero risk to personnel or the environment.

• Seek continuous improvement.

• Consult regularly with employees, and others, with regards to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.  


From the First Phone Call. Our name is Yuansheng with fast quotes, detail-critical design and a complete understanding of your project’s requirements. We lead the industry with world-class manufacturing capabilities and collaborative customer relationships. Your project becomes our project the minute we pick up your call.


Taking Ownership. Once your project hits our desks, we start looking for ways to decrease your costs and increase the quality. Our engineering and design team uses the most advanced software and technology to analyze your drawing and its fabrication requirements for possible refinements and improvements. And we do it fast.


Sharing Experience. Accurate Yuansheng has more than 25 years of wire mesh produce experience. Our knowledgeable team seamlessly integrates with you and your job – from initial quote to finishing and packing, ensuring that we produce the products you need, how you need them, when you need them. up your call.We have exceeded the demands of a wide range of industries, including: * Telecommunications * Retail* Electronics* Medical* Environmental* Automotive* Architectural  


 Exclusive Capabilities. From start to fnish, Accurate Yuansheng does things differently, and that includes our wire mesh producing and deep processingcapabilities. We provide a variety of services 


 Making it So. We offer a wide range of capabilities with standard materials:

• Carbon Steel

• Aluminum

• Galvanized Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Precoated Metals

• Plastics

• Many more  


Getting Things Done. Whether your job is large or small, Accurate Yuansheng has the capacity and expertise to get the work done. Our extensive array of fabrication equipment includes a woven wire mesh machine, welded , press brakes and punch presses.Combine this with our welding, riveting and perforating expertisefor a wire mesh solution that meets almost any need.And it’s building relationships with our collaborative approach. It’s fnding solutions through our attention to detail. It’s utilizing our manufacturing and engineering capabilities


It’s our passion.  It’s your product. 


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