Stainless steel wire mesh application


In today’s modern screen printing world, process challenges have increased steadily over recent years, especially in the field of technical screen printing. In industries such as electronics and solar cell technology, growing demand for the highest levels of precision calls for the production of premium screens. The BOPP SD range offers a comprehensive selection of stainless steel meshes, designed specifically for screen printing applications. These materials have been developed over many years, working in close cooperation with leading screen manufacturers and users.

Mesh Production
We use only the very best raw materials forour fine meshes, sourced from around theworld anddrawn in-house to an exacting wirediameter of 15 microns. These top qualitywires are then wovenin clean room conditionsin a special air conditioned building,using state-of-the-art looms developed inhouse by our own specialists. For particularlychallenging applications, these fine meshescan be cleaned and inspected electronicallyusing purpose-designed equipment, alsodeveloped in-house. These exhaustive levelsof quality assurance and process securityguarantee premium values and 100%reproducibility.
Mesh Properties
Advanced levels of precision
Extremely limited thickness tolerances
Stable weave
Above average tensile strength
Clean, uniform surface area
Excellent abrasion resistance
No static loading
Uniform appearance, no line marks
Large open area
Easy to use          


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