Wire mesh series

Mine sieving mesh

Mine sieving mesh There are many ways to produce mine sieving mesh ,we will introduce two of them to you .
One is strip seam sieve the other is weaved netting

1.strip seam sieve style mine sieving mesh
   • material : 304 304L 316 316L
   • specification :plane sieve plate, curving sieving mesh
   • capability: solid , durable, press-resist

2.weaved mine sieving mesh
Manganese steel mine sieving mesh adopt inserting style to weave the mesh .the fold part of longitude and latitude won’t extrude so the surface is smooth.the hardness is HB180-230.it has good character of molding and toughness.when it is suffering fierce strike and attrition ,the surface is changed .the hardness of the surface can go up to HRC60.so it has good wearability .inner side still have finer molding and toughness ..it will form a new layer of wearability when the old surface is distoryed . Therefore the life of the weaved mine sieving mesh can be achieved in 4-6 times than the ordinary mine sieving mesh.

 There is a suit of machine to product the Manganese steel mine sieving mesh such as :the machine of shaky sieving mesh, roller sieving mesh machine ,high frequency electromagnetism sieving machine and asphaltum mixed machine.

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